Beams Ridge Farm
Welcome to Beams Ridge Farm

Beams Ridge Farm, located in Ohio, raises and sells horses - exclusively registered and certified Rocky Mountain Horses. 

Rocky Mountain Horses are world renown for their natural, smooth, four beat gait and exceptionally, gentle temperament.  The first time we met this breed, we knew the Rocky Mountain Horse was the right breed for us!

Our buckskin stallion is available for breeding to registered Rocky Mountain mares by AI.  PSSM testing performed by the University of Minnesota indicates Clip Art is PSSM Negative.  Please visit "Our Buckskin Stallion" page for more specific information on Clip Art.

                                      Clip Art

The Rockies on our farm are a range of beautiful solid colors.  Temperament and gait are more important than a shade of color.

Our mares are selectively bred for gait and temperament.  We do not breed for color. 

Having only a small number of foals yearly enables us to hand raise each foal.  We currently have a few fine horses for sale.

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